20 Things Only Dad Can Do

Recently a mom posted a list of 15 Things Only A Mom Can Do and I read it, fascinated to learn that I’ve been living a lie as a Stay At Home Dad for the last 13+ years. According to her blog, I’m actually a mom. Who knew? But, thanks to her entertaining and enlightening post, I was inspired to come up with my own list for dads, some serious and some not. Since there is no “sarcasm font” please know that I’m not trying to incite any Mommy Wars here, just trying to show that we dads are not getting our undies all in a jam over her humorous list.

20 Things Only Dad Can Do

  1. Spider control. There is a distinct shriek that beckons me to grab a tissue and come rescue my family from the menacing arachnid.
  2. Pee while standing. No comment about the aim or drips. Sorry.
  3. Lift and lower the toilet seat. Amazing. It goes up and down. Just don’t leave it up if you have a wife and/or daughters. Or a potty-training child. Or a walking toddler. Just put it down already!
  4. Plunger duty. I said duty…he he.
  5. Set and empty mouse traps. They’re not so cute when they’re scurrying across the kitchen floor…or when they’re caught.
  6. Gross out the kids by telling them their mom is hot. Gratuitous PDA or butt grab is optional, but(t) effective.
  7. Make Daddy cookies. Maybe that’s just me and my kids. And here’s the secret ingredient: The Mixing Dance.
  8. Remember useless sports stats, teams, plays and players from 30+ years. But forgets what his wife just told him five minutes ago.
  9. Get in trouble for saying “we’re pregnant” too soon. Or at all. Or to the wrong people.
  10. Get in trouble for making his wife pregnant. Usually uttered during the throes of labor pain, something along the lines of “You did this to me!”. And, no, he cannot imagine what the pain is like.
  11. Gain sympathy weight during his wife’s pregnancy. But then has trouble losing it since he’s not the one who actually gave birth. Oops.
  12. Be supportive of his wife (and any mom) if she chooses to breastfeed. If the Pope agrees it must be good, right? Besides, NIP is protected by law and not offensive.
  13. Nut shot empathy. There’s an involuntary cringe and leg crossing whenever he sees someone’s twig and berries receive a direct hit. Could be an athlete (in real life or on TV) or a fellow dad at the park.
  14. Take 15 minutes to drop a deuce. It’s his throne. Leave him alone. Don’t bother him like in the movie This Is 40. And don’t try to talk to him in there.
  15. Teach his son public urinal etiquette. Ladies, you want no part of this unless you’re prepared to explain why and how a trough might be used in a restroom instead of individual urinals.
  16. Daddy donut dates. Doesn’t help with #11 but that time spent with Dad is so worth it.
  17. Be the Father of the Bride. I know I’m going to cry if/when any of my five daughters get married. I look forward to it all the same.
  18. Be praised for being involved and engaged as a parent when Mom isn’t there. Something Moms have been doing for years, usually without recognition. Let’s encourage all parents to be involved.
  19. Be asked by strangers if he’s babysitting his own children! Nope. It’s called parenting.
  20. Tell terribly unfunny jokes. No one laughs. Except him. Yet, he’s unfazed because there’s a chance the next one might be funny. Or someone will laugh out of sympathy. Or pain.

There you have it. I hope #20 didn’t apply to this post. Unless you’re my wife or kids, in which case I’m certain they’re no longer reading, because I’m not funny. Just ask them. Add a comment below to tell me what you thought or if I missed something. Really, though, if you found yourself laughing or even smiling a little while reading this please do me a solid and share it with others who might benefit from a chuckle or two.

10 thoughts on “20 Things Only Dad Can Do

  1. I’m completely with you, they are all excellent points 🙂


  2. You might add bodyguard to any nefarious boys that show up to take your daughter out. Funny list though!


  3. I’m going to respond to this the same way I responded to that original mommy post you linked to.

    #1 – Nope. Not me. I’m arachnaphobic.
    #2 – Yup
    #3 – Yup
    #4 – Sadly, this is so true.
    #5 – Again, true
    #6 – Not in my house
    #7 – Just your house apparently
    #8 – For me it’s music facts and 70’s television programs
    #9 – Thankfully I haven’t done that
    #10 – That I have done.
    #11 – So hard to lose
    #12 – uh….
    #13 – it’s an automatic reflex
    #14 – Usually it’s the other way around in my house
    #15 – True. It’s a mystical world in there
    #16 – Because “Mommy Donut Date” doesn’t have the same ring to it.
    #17 – I’ll only get to do this once.
    #18 – It’s annoying
    #19 – Another truth
    #20 – Actually both parents do this in my household. mom is just as capable you sexist jerk


  4. Good stuff! Need to do some more on a second list! Anyone upset over this list can just go pound sand! Lol


  5. Excellent list, definitely like the right of being that bodyguard for my daughter in the far far distant future when boys appear on the agenda..


  6. Good (and funny) list! I would add “take your daughter to a Father Daughter Dance”!


  7. I love that scene in I am 40. I am also proud that my 8-year old said he learned to read on the toilet from his father. That is an accomplishment.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What a great list! Well said. So very true 🙂


  9. bohemianbabushka

    JU SO FONII!!! #4 Slayed me. Glad BB’s not the only one who likes Groaners (bad jokes). BB2U


  10. You are right on! #15 had me cracking up! #18 – I’m so with you. It’s important to recognize BOTH parents need to do their part and hopefully society will catch up and realize how beneficial it is to children. #20 – there’s nothing like a dad joke. After my dad passed away, I realized how much I missed those!

    Great list! Dads rock!


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