Is the Tooth Fairy real and when does Santa sleep?

My youngest two children (ages 8 and 5) have been asking tough questions lately. Earlier this evening the 8 year old asked if the Tooth Fairy was real and I replied by asking if the money she received from the TF was real. She said yes and that appeased her for the time being, although I’m guessing she’s going to bring it up again soon.

Then as my 5 year old was a minute into falling asleep tonight she opened her eyes and asked, “When does Santa sleep? Is it at night time or during the day? And how does he bring presents to all the boys and girls in the world because it never ends?” We guessed that he sleeps at night and that he uses Santa magic to deliver the presents. Phew. Satisfied with my response, she was asleep a minute later.

I love that they still believe in those fun and innocent ideas. I also know that their perspective is going to change a bit about Santa and the Tooth Fairy in the near future and it’s bittersweet. These are my last kids (of six) and I’ve found myself really cherishing the memories they’re making every day. Even though life is busy and there’s always something more to do, take the time to be in the moment with your kids.